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SpaceX Starship 21 & Booster 5 GETTING READY

SpaceX Starship 21 & Booster 5 GETTING READY
We will tell you about SpaceX Starbase construction take priority as the next orbital Starship, Super Heavy pair comes together. Now, go ahead and bring your drink and let’s simmer down on today’s episode.

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Elon Musk has a grand plan for getting humanity out of the confines of the earth, setting off the moon, Mars, and even further reaches of the solar system. Musk has regularly estimated that humans could establish a city on Mars as early as 2050. As CEO of SpaceX has led the development of the starship, the rocket is designed to refuel and relaunch using liquid hydrogen and methane unlike the propellant used in the Falcon 9 and falcon heavy. That means astronauts will be able to set up depots around the solar system hopping from planet to planet, still, starship 21 is in the development process as SpaceX teams slowly prepare the first orbital-class and super-heavy booster 4.
SpaceX has significantly accelerated and optimized the pace of Starship Super Heavy Booster production and construction progress at the Starbase construction sites in Boca Chica TX over the past few weeks. The company has reportedly transferred hundreds of employees from its other facilities to Boca Chica to assist with that manufacturing surge.
For the first time, it appears that SpaceX has begun delivering large quantities of cryogenic liquids to Starship’s orbital launchpad – still under construction but rapidly approaching some level of initial operational capability.
Sometime in the morning of September 19, a semi-truck carrying cryogenic liquid nitrogen (LN2) transport trailer arrived at SpaceX’s Starbase launch facilities.
Normally, this would be a completely mundane, uninterrupted event: SpaceX has used and for the uncertain future to safely proof-test Starship prototypes and supercool their liquid methane (LCH4) and oxygen (LOX) propellants. We, Will, continue to use liquid nitrogen for
However, so far, 100% of all Starbase cryogen deliveries have gone to the suborbital launch site, where two “mounts” and some solid aprons have supported all Starship and superheavy tests and launches.
Instead, it headed exclusively to the first orbital tank farm of the LN2 tanker Starbase and began unloading its cryogenic liquid cargo at several new fill stations designed specifically for the task.
By all appearances the first time the farm’s actual main tank has been filled with anything, it appears that liquid nitrogen has been loaded into one or both of the two insulated LOX tanks.
There are two or three main explanations. First, SpaceX could test those more or less full tanks with its first cryogenic liquids. Those partial ‘cryo proof’ tests will also help clean and flush the interior of LOX tanks, removing earthly debris or contamination that can become a major hazard when submerged in high-density oxidizers.

Given that both tanks can easily hold ~1300 tonnes (~2.9M lb) of liquid nitrogen, 70 tonnes is more clunky than a test, however, a semi-decent bare performance would require an order of magnitude more -Minimum cryo proof.
The other distinct possibility is that SpaceX plans to use only one or both of the two prepared orbital pad tanks to temporarily store liquid nitrogen for Super Heavy Booster 4’s first cryogenic-proof test. Either way, SpaceX has scheduled the test window every day this week, starting with a six-hour window that opens at 5 p.m. CDT (on and after Sept. 20).
In separate news, as the Starship and Superheavy tests schedule a full week, with road and beach closures for up to 30 hours for Starship and Super Heavy testing, SpaceX will launch the first orbital-class ship and booster. Working hard to prepare for many majors. challenges.

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