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NEW! Chilling Reign – Build & Battle box – Pre Release booster opening

The new Chilling Reign pre release kits have been delivered by our local Postie! Shall we find out how good this set is going to be?
These Build and Battle boxes are not normally available online, however with the issue with Social distancing and events still not happening at local card stores. We were extremely lucky to have a chance at opening 2 Chilling reign Prerelease kits. Promoting the new cards sets released from Pokemon Chilling reign are featuring Pokemon such as Ice Rider, Shadow Rider, Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres on the booster packs.

Will it be another Green code card box or will we be in for a treat?

❓—– What’s inside a Pokemon Pre Release kit —-❓
🇬🇧 RRP £25-£30 | 🇺🇸 MSRP $25-$30 +taxes
• 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs from the New Chilling Reign series
• A special promo card featuring 1 of 4 with the Chilling reign stamp
• Deck consisting of 40 random cards to play instantly
• Chilling Reign Deck box
• A code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

⏰ —– Timestamp —– ⏰
00:00 Welcome to Chari Card!
00:45 What is a Build and Battle box?
02:00 Which box will you choose, A or B?
03:09 Let’s open the Booster packs
06:47 Opening box B
10:00 What was pulled from the bonus booster packs?
10:36 Thank you everyone!

🔥 What’s inside a Inteleon Battle deck

🔥 Great looking Mew V tins

🔥 Error Urshifu v box

🔥 Series 6 Pokeball tins

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