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Klark Teknik CT1 Mic Booster – Detailed Review and Tests

The Klark Teknik CT1 is a mic booster offered at a very affordable price. This is a detailed review including audio tests using dialogue and performance analysis using sine wave tests.

This detailed review includes an unboxing, overview of specifications, dialogue audio tests using the Shure SM7B with the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, ART Voice Channel, and DBX 286s interface and channel strips. Audio frequency comparison of both a sine wave sweep from 20-20000 Hz as well as specific boost tests at 400, 1000, and 8000 Hz demonstrate boost performance and expected coloration of sound using the CT1 mic booster. I have also included self noise, booster placement, and overall assessment and recommendations to help you determine if the Klark Teknik CT1 mic booster is suitable for your needs. After watching this review, you will have an idea how the CT1 will perform across a range of applications.

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Klark Teknik CT1:
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen:
ART Voice Channel:
DBX 286s:
Shure SM7B:

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00:00 Introducing the Klark Teknik CT1 and What’s in this Review?
01:18 Unboxing the Klark Teknik CT1
02:05 CT1 Features and Specifications
03:03 CT1 Dialogue Audio Comparison using the SM7B and Scarlett 8i6
05:00 CT1 Boost and Coloration Tests Using Tone Generator
10:04 CT1 Dialogue Audio Comparison using the SM7B and ART Voice Channel
11:05 CT1 Dialogue Audio Comparison using the SM7B and DBX 286s
12:06 Final Thoughts and Recommendations after Testing the Klark Teknik CT1 Mic Booster

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