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Game hay đồ họa đẹp dành cho ngày Valentine – Aura Kingdom 2

Xin chào mọi người nhé … chúc mọi người có một ngày valentine ấm áp bên người thân yêu và đừng quên ghé thăm kênh mình nha
Lần này mình mang đến một tựa game nước ngoài có đồ họa 3d cực kỳ đẹp mắt … game cũng khá nặng lên đến 1G2 … nhưng không sao cả .. vẫn chiến tốt
Chúng ta có thêm phần âm thanh cũng rất hay và lôi cuốn
Cốt truyện dẫn dắt game thì thôi rồi luôn … hay lắm luôn ấy
Ưu đãi người chơi mới thì mình thấy khá ít .. he he .. hay tại chưa trải nghiệm được
Chấm điểm 9/10 … giá mà có tiếng việt nữa thì ngon quá …
Mô tả game :
Great remake of a classic MMORPG!
Fully-rendered 3D characters offer impressive detail down to their elegant costumes.
Enjoy the satisfying MMO gameplay and stunning graphics on your mobile device!
Embark on new adventure to the world Ramayan and screenshot every step of your journey.
Summon Eidolons, establish tactics for party battles, and most of all… create YOUR legend as a Hero.

4 unique classes to choose from.
Enjoy fast-action gameplay at your fingertips and easy-to-use touch control with beautiful animations!
Conquer epic raid dungeons with players from all around the world.

Stroll down the beautiful streets of the Medieval Times and witness abundant creatures.
Listen to the tales of those who live amongst them and learn of the story behind “Ramayan”.
Set out with your friends on an unforgettable adventure!

Combined with Card Game playstyle!
Meet over 40 Eidolons on your journey and Collect ‘Em All!
Cultivate and form inseparable bonds with your partners — Design a team exclusive to you.
Utilize your Eidolon’s powerful ultimate skill and have them battle alongside you

Ramayan consists of plains, forests, wetlands, and rainforests — Which are also the natural habitat of multitudinous creatures
Discover where they inhabit, what they like or dislike, and everything else about them.
Unlock every monster in this fantasy world and complete the “Book of Ramayan”.

Your accessories will no longer be identical to anyone else’s.
Adjust its size, angle, and even where it’s placed.
– Cat ears on your forehead?
– Spectacles hanging from your chin?
– Wings growing out from your bum?
The only limit is your imagination! All of these are made possible for someone creative like you — Play around all you want!
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