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Constant pressure pump – grundfos – SCALA2 booster pump

Replaced a grundfos constant pressure pump for a old home with water source heat pumps. The pump is used to boost the flow well pressure of 20 psi up to 50 psi for the second floor unit.

This pump can easily boost city water pressure by using a variable speed driven motor with a small onboard pressure tank internally integrated. This allows the pressure to be balanced while using many sources from showers, sinks and high flow like tubs all while maintaining the set pressure.

It has simple to use push button settings on the top of the motor. It also has indicators for faults like low water, over temp, voltage and other troubleshooting information.

I do like what this pump is capable of doing in certain applications and can be a cost saving option over a traditional pump and tank setup. This will also save lots of space as it’s a small form factor. With a built-in check valve it’s pretty much plumb and play. It only requires a 110v outlet for running the pump also.

Overall I think it’s a good pump option to think about if you ever need a one for this type of application.


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